So, I released an album today…

My band’s first album was released today and it feels so strange.

Putting out an album seemed like such a crazy and silly idea all the way up until we got through most of the recording process. Early on, I don’t think either of us were really certain that this was going to happen and we talked about turning the songs into one or two short EPs should we fail to make this happen.

It took about a year to record the whole thing. I’d been writing the songs for a long time now – Foolish, was written maybe 3 – 4 years ago. I had a rough sketch (the trumpets, chord progressions, and lyrics) written while the first iteration of the band was renting a practice space. Grace was written in 2015, I think… I guess it all begins to blur at some point.

I wrote maybe 20 songs for this record and we demoed about 14. When the songs started to shape up, we realized some songs were much better than others so we cut a few and then cut some more that felt like they stood out too much.

Outside of the music, Theja and I were both working on the final stretch of our thesis and that did not make things easy. We endured and made it, though. Now we’ve got an album to show for it. It’s leagues ahead of our past work together, and definitely better than anything I created before. I love this record and I hope people enjoy it too.

Here is the record:

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